We provide business transformation services
to the travel industry by taking advantage of new
paradigms in merchandising, distribution
and order management
We help airlines achieve product
differentiation and portfolio optimisation
whilst elevating customer experience
and loyalty
Offering business transformation services
to the travel industry to achieve
  • Increased revenues
  • Optimised costs and improved margins
  • Enhanced customer experience and loyalty
  • Develop commercial strategy
  • Organisation wide alignment and adoption
    of established strategy
  • Implementation of operational processes,
    practices and technologies
  • Product differentiation
  • Product enrichment with portfolio
  • Pricing and profitability transparency
  • Flexibility with personalisation
Operational (5 days)
Offer and Order Management
  • Transform schedule, availability and price into an OFFER
  • Release OFFER including personalisation & packaging
  • Capture purchased offers in an ORDER
Simplified Business Processes
  • Create products
  • Understand travellers and their channels
  • Order management with revenue /financial accounting
Systems & Applications
  • Learn Offer & Order management systems
  • Map interfaces to distribution partners & channels
  • Define interfaces to organisation’s internal systems

Define organisation’s
implementation plan for
Offer & Order Management
whilst taking operational
transition process
into consideration

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Tactical (3 days)
Adopting Strategy
  • Understand future travel landscape
  • Define tactical components
  • Identify target travellers, markets, products & channels
Business Case
  • Potential revenue
  • Associated costs
  • Simulate traveller - market – product - channel mix
Business Processes
  • Analyse current processes
  • Create new functions and activities
  • Craft transition route from today → tomorrow

Develop organisation’s
merchandising & distribution
tactics with relevant
business case
and processes

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Strategic (2 days)
Awareness – Merchandising & NDC
  • Future of aviation and travel industry
  • Travel merchandising (underlying technology solutions)
  • IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative
Merchandising Strategy
  • Market place and competition
  • Current merchandising over your airline.com
  • Future with merchandising
NDC Strategy
  • Scope of NDC and distribution partners
  • Revenue potential via individual channels
  • Defining NDC strategy

Align organisation’s
and distribution
strategy with
the travel industry
of tomorrow
and beyond

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  • Based on your needs, Travel Commerce Solutions
    would be happy to provide a customised offer.

Based on your needs,
Travel Commerce Solutions
would be happy
to provide a
customised offer

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