Solving your travel headaches using IATA ONE Order
by Hayley Stafford

The IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative revolutionises offer management for airlines and other travel companies. Here at TCS, we were delighted when the IATA ONE Order standard was approved late last year. Complementing NDC, ONE Order aims to modernise the order management process in the travel industry.

Have you ever had issues when trying to change or cancel a flight booking? Ever heard ‘I am sorry we can’t change your booking, can you please contact the agent that you booked through’? It has happened to almost everyone who travels frequently.

Today, managing an order can often be a very frustrating process for both the traveller and the vendor/airline. Complex and laborious processes, inherited from the days of paper tickets, still exist in the legacy systems that are used by airlines and travel companies all over the world.

This travel eco-system problem makes it difficult for airlines and travel providers to have common servicing processes. For example, if a traveller makes a booking (an ‘order’) with a travel agent, the operating airline (i.e. the airline that will carry the traveller) may not be able to see the entire order. If an airline cannot see all the key details that are required to change or cancel the order, they have no choice but to refer the traveller back to their travel agent to service their order. This is not ideal from an airline, travel agent, and most importantly, customer point of view.

The ONE Order initiative introduces the concept of a single ‘standard’ order to simplify sharing data in the travel industry - helping resolve the order management problems that occur today. Today, important order information is split and duplicated across various data sources including, but not limited to, GDS PNR, EMD and e-ticket. ONE Order combines all that order information into one version of the truth, with clear ownership by one travel provider, and allows processes to be built that will work whatever the source of the order. This will make transitions between different companies seamless to the consumer, and mean that the frustrations of travel will be a thing of the past.

So - that's how IATA ONE Order will solve your travel headaches. Now you can relax and enjoy your next trip - happy travelling!